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Ariana Grande – Love Is Everything

Ariana Grande – Love Is Everything Lyrics It’s time for us to all give something, All around the world this time of year, As a matter of fact it won’t cost you much, It’s in your heart you got it right there, You got it right there The truth is, Your heart is the biggest […]

Ashanti – I Got It

Ashanti – I Got It Lyrics (ft. Future) Baby tell me if you cause I got it I will party and rock in He’s ashamed and I drive it Say it that I’m breaking baby I just like to celebrate Push it to the limit like a bitch ‘ Push it to the limit, push […]

Trel Mack – Trust No One

Trel Mack – Trust No One Lyrics Music Videos Trel Mack – Trust No One Official Music Video

Kento – Complicated

Kento – Complicated Lyrics Lost my cause ‘cos I was losing it all Life on Mars, I’ll see you there I’ll see you there when I go Go Damn, you think you are clever from a distance (Go) But can make me better in an instance Why are you complicated? Gotta complicate it all Why […]

James Arthur – Recovery

James Arthur – Recovery Lyrics (Verse) I don’t wanna play this game no more I don’t wanna play it I don’t wanna stay round here no more I don’t wanna stay here Like rain on a Monday morning Like pain that just keeps on going on (Verse) Look at all the hate they keep on […]

Elisa – Ecco che

Elisa – Ecco che Lyrics Distratto passeggi dentro al mondo Tu non vivi fino in fondo e speri che Il tempo passi accanto rubando da te Un solo respiro… Rimani nascosto dietro all’ombra Non t’importa l’apparenza e credi che Che nessuno se ne accorga… Non pensi mai a me che vivo di te… Ecco che […]

Javiera Mena – Espada

Javiera Mena – Espada Lyrics Cuando te me apareces, yo aun no sabia Que hasta ahora estaría averiguando tu vida Cuando te me apareces con la espada en la mochila Era la primera vez en el año que ya se sentía calor Pero ahora no vale la pena gastar toda mi vela Ya no quiero […]